Why Are Christians So Narrow-Minded?

True Bible-believing Christians are often labeled narrow-minded and bigoted. Those making these claims fail to understand that believers in Christ often suffer persecution and marginalization for their faith. It would be far easier for us to agree with culture that there are many ways to God and Heaven and that any form of lifestyle is OK with God, but that would make us into liars and more importantly to deny the truth that Christ emphatically proclaimed.

What About The Theory Of Evolution?

Firstly, it's title gives it away. It's just a theory. What is more it is a theory without any scientific basis or proof whatsoever. Even Darwin had problems with his own theory. Unfortunatley this has been peddled to kids thru college for years and has almost become "accepted truth" despite the problems above.  Nowhere in science has a species evolved into something else. They adapt but don't change kind. The Bible even speaks in Genesis of everything according to it's kind.

If God Is Loving Why Would He Send People To Hell?

God doesn't send anyone to Hell. Reading Scripture correctly, one would understand that God provides an escape route for all to avoid eternal punishment. Read more here.

Is Heaven Real?

Heaven is real but it is NOT the heaven that most people imagine. It is not the promise of spending eternity sitting on a cloud playing a harp. Without a clear understanding of this promise it's hard to get excited! It is the eternal dwelling place of everyone who has accepted the free gift of God. Find out more here.

Is Hell Real?

Hell is a real, literal place. It is NOT a place where the inhabitants will be able to party with their friends. It is a place of eternal torment reserved for satan, his cohorts and anyone who dies rejecting Jesus.