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I am an atheist or agnotstic and reject all forms of religion. I don't believe in life after death.

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Religious / Spiritual

I'm a Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, am spiritual or have my own truth.

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I Think I'm A Christian

I go to church, tithe, watch church online, attend a mega church or said the sinner's prayer.

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New Believer

I recently repented and placed my trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior & need guidance.

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Why Choose Jesus?

Welcome to Why Choose Jesus! However you arrived at this website and for whatever reason, we hope you will find and know the Truth. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" Ro8:36. Why Choose Jesus exists to provide you the truth in a clear, concise way in easy-to-understand language and to direct you to resources to get your questions answered and guide you towards Jesus Christ. 

The reality is that every single one of us will die. At some point in your life you will be forced to confront the reality of your mortality and consider questions such as "what happens when I die?,  does God exist?, is Heaven real?, is Hell real?, how can I know for sure that I will go to heaven when I die?, what is the point of life? Indeed most people would say "I don't want to go to Hell". 

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. Shouldn't you know why, and more importantly what it has to say about these things? 

Am I Really A Christian?

Even today, most people (65%) in America, and up to 25% of all people on earth consider themselves to be "Christians" however the term has become more of a cultural identity than being used to identify as a person who "follows Christ or is a "Christ-follower". The decline in regular church attendance is an indicator of this shift. 

Common Misunderstandings

Church teachings that are based on poor theology are dangerous and leave those who believe these messages exposed to Hell. Make no mistake, if you are trusting in any of these to get to Heaven, you have been deceived.

Dangerous Misunderstandings

Just "belief" in Jesus (click pop up) - that He exists, or which Jesus

Being a "good person" does NOT make you a Christian

Good works cannot earn God's favor or eternal life

Going to church does NOT make you a Christian

Praying the sinner's prayer does NOT make you a Christian

Praying does not make you a Christian

Tithing does NOT make you a Christian


Meaning: Good NEWS


Trust in Christ alone as 
  your Lord and Savior


        Repent of your sins. 
Turn away from your old life


Quick clips providing answers to some of the most popular questions

For families

Aren't all religions essentially the same thing? 

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For youth

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For children

Many "Christians" are not Christians

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Answering Questions

Short videos addressing some of the most common questions and misunderstandings about the Bible and Christianity.

Why Christianity Stands Alone

You cannot earn your way to Heaven. What's different about Christianity?

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God or The Big Bang?

Was the universe created or did it come out of nothing?

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Is Jesus The Only Way?

Is Jesus the only way to Heaven? Aren't all religions the same?

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Christianity & Culture

Am I Going To Heaven?

If you aren't sure that you are going to Heaven when you die, watch this...

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How should Christians repsond to the transgender movement? 

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Scientific Proof In The Bible

The Bible is full of facts that are have become confirmed as science has advanced.

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Sermon Of The Week


What Is The True Gospel?

Paul Washer helps to clarify what is and is not the true Gospel of Christ.

Let's Get Some Answers!

Common Questions:

What will happen to me when I die?

Where did the universe come from?

Why should I believe the Bible?

Does God exist?

If God exists, why does He allow suffering?


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Why Are Christians So Narrow-Minded?

True Bible-believing Christians are often labeled narrow-minded and bigoted. Those making these claims fail to understand that believers in Christ often suffer persecution and marginalization for their faith. It would be far easier for us to agree with culture that there are many ways to God and Heaven and that any form of lifestyle is OK with God, but that would make us into liars and more importantly to deny the truth that Christ emphatically proclaimed.

What About The Theory Of Evolution?

Firstly, it's title gives it away. It's just a theory. What is more it is a theory without any scientific basis or proof whatsoever. Even Darwin had problems with his own theory. Unfortunatley this has been peddled to kids thru college for years and has almost become "accepted truth" despite the problems above.  Nowhere in science has a species evolved into something else. They adapt but don't change kind. The Bible even speaks in Genesis of everything according to it's kind.

If God Is Loving Why Would He Send People To Hell?

God doesn't send anyone to Hell. Reading Scripture correctly, one would understand that God provides an escape route for all to avoid eternal punishment. Read more here.

Is Heaven Real?

Heaven is real but it is NOT the heaven that most people imagine. It is not the promise of spending eternity sitting on a cloud playing a harp. Without a clear understanding of this promise it's hard to get excited! It is the eternal dwelling place of everyone who has accepted the free gift of God. Find out more here.

Is Hell Real?

Hell is a real, literal place. It is NOT a place where the inhabitants will be able to party with their friends. It is a place of eternal torment reserved for satan, his cohorts and anyone who dies rejecting Jesus.

Humanity's Problem

What happened and how can I be saved?

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Our Problem : The Law

The Old Testament provides the moral law. We broke the law. God promises to provide a way to avoid judgement.

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New Testament

The New Testament tells us how God provided a way for us to escape death and live forever.

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Our Response

We have 2 choices and only 2. We either accept God's mercy and grace & trust in Jesus as the Son of God or reject Him.

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Have you heard?

I'm In Trouble... 

How Can I Be Saved From Hell?
How Can I Know For Sure I Will Go To Heaven When I Die?

Have you heard?


If you are truly sorry for your sins and repent of them which means turning away from the sinful life you have been living - and tust Christ and Christ alone as your Lord & Savior, He will give you a new heart with new desires through the power of the Holy Spirit that will come and dwell inside of you.. Learn more..(page) - you have God's promise

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Our Problem

Every one of us will live forever - depend where.. 

sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit.

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100% of us will die. An undeniable reality.


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Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.


I'm A Believer

I already walk with Jesus and want more resources to deepen my understanding or reach others for Christ.

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